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Listening that’s life !

Listening that’s life !

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We have ears to hear, but do we really know how to listen?

The findings of Dr Alfred Tomatis on the importance of the ear and listening, led him eventually to state that, “man is entirely an ear”. In other words, he meant that the true calling of human beings and their fulfilment is to be a veritable antenna tuned to the universe. Listening is the primordial condition of humanity in every situation whether relational, educational or creative. In this dynamic, the ear plays the role of a conductor, getting our whole body and senses to listen. This book gives us new keys to help understand the origin of failure and obstacles. Indeed the acquisition of listening is long, difficult and often disturbed by traumas that punctuate our childhood, and these impact on our personal and professional development. This book is also presented as a practical guide for the  different fields of application of the Tomatis listening therapy. It will allow the reader to discover what can be done with this approach to be able to progress in areas as diverse as concentration, memory, communication, singing, the integration of modern languages, physical coordination and balance. 

Patrick Dumas de la Roque is a clinical psychologist, EMDR psychotherapist and Tomatis practitioner at the Listening and Language Centre in Toulouse. Trained by Dr Tomatis in Paris, he is currently a trainer of audio-psycho-phonology.

ISBN 9-782839-926615 


  • ISBN-13: ISBN 9-782839-926615
  • Paperback: 163 pages

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